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Travel About Britain

Travel About Britain

Travel, Attractions and Local History

Travel About Britain is a free travel guide and visitor information site about the UK. The site uses javascript to display a flash style slide-show at the page banner. Javascript code is used instead of Flash to reduce page load times and avoid problems if users disable Flash. The site is rendered using my own bespoke PHP flat file Content Management System (CMS) to control the navigation elements.

Seasonal Gardening

Seasonal Gardening

Garden Task and Ideas Month by Month

This is a basic information site for gardeners, using a very simple HTML based template with a fluid layout. The navigation bar and side menus are inter-linked to allow users to navigate through a list of topics within each month of the year. The site uses a mix of both CSS columns and tables to maximise text flow. The site is flat file based to enable it to render faster, due to the large number of images used.


We specialize in creating new and updated page content for websites. Our aim is to provide up-to-date and accurate information that users are interested in and searching for. All content is unique and appropriate to the main subject matter and target audience of the site. We also ensure that all relevant information and appropriate key words are included to attract and retain reader's interest.

SPB Technical Communications Limited currently owns and manages a number of small information sites covering the popular subject areas of travel and gardening, both of which are topics of keen interest for our main site author. We also provide web content for a number of commercial sites on a bespoke/freelance basis.