Welcome to our web design portfolio. Below you will find a small selection of web site designs that I have worked on over the past year. All of the designs are Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) based and hand coded. Please click the thumbnails to visit each site.

Travel About Britain - UK tourist information guide

Travel About Britain

Travel About Britain is a free travel guide / information site about the UK. The site uses javascript to display a flash style slide-show in the page banner. Javascript code is used instead of Flash to reduce page load times and avoid problems if users disable Flash. The site is rendered using my own bespoke PHP flat file Content Management System (CMS) to control the navigation elements.

Places To Travel - worldwide tourist information guide

Places To Travel

Places To Travel is a worldwide travel / information site. The three column layout and navigation is rendered using pure CSS. Site graphics (maps and charts) were generated using 'Inkscape'. Images were edited in Photoshop.

Seasonal Gardening Guide

Seasonal Gardening

This is a basic information site for gardeners, using a very simple HTML based template with a fluid layout. The navigation bar and side menus are inter-linked to allow users to navigate through a list of topics within each month of the year. The site uses a mix of both CSS columns and tables to maximise text flow. The site is flat file based to enable it to render faster, due to the large number of images used.

Milwaukee Power Tools Direct Website

Milwaukee Power Tools

Configuration and population of a cloud based e-commerce site using oxatis (actinic) online e-commerce system. The main site CSS template design was created by Anchor Print. The site product data was populated directly from excel spreadsheets, using the Data plug-in tool provided by Oxatis.