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Character Counter for Meta Descriptions and Page Titles

Two key areas of your HTML page for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are the 'Page Title' and 'Meta Description' tags. Google, Yahoo and other major search engines, use this information to represent your page in search results. Space is limited so it is important that you provide clear, succinct and precise information in these tags to optimise their usage. A well written page title and description can help provide searchers with the information they are looking for, and will inevitably encourage more traffic to your site.

For further details see Google Webmaster Tools Help.

Search engines usually limit the Page Title to 69 characters and Meta Description to 159 characters (although some topic displays are now showing around 320 characters). Therefore, it is best to keep within these limits as longer text strings can be truncated. However, if the content of these tags is too short or missing, search engines may place your page lower down and/or use other information found on the page to fill the space. It should also be noted that the content of these tags must be unique across your site and contain information that relates very closely to the actual content of each page.

Counting the number of characters used in each tag, including blank spaces, can be tedious. Therefore, I suggest the use of a character counter, like the ones below. Simply type or paste your content into the text boxes below and click on the [Count Characters] button.

Page Title (maximum 69 characters)


Meta Description Tag (optimum 159 characters)